Our Products

The product list is shown below our Special Offers – if you wish to order anything please leave a note out, call us or send an email to info@colinbryantmilkman.co.uk – if you order before 5pm we will usually be able to deliver the item on your next delivery but some of the household items may take 2 days.


Product List


Pasteurised Milk – Full Cream, Semi-skimmed & Skimmed- 1 pt glass bottles now available (also available in 1pt, 1ltr 2ltr light weight plastic bottles)

We also sell Organic Milk and Goats Milk

Lactose free milk, Soya Milk – (sweetened and unsweeetened) and Almond Milk.

Milkshakes –  chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours


Delicious Dairy

1pt milk glass bottle £0.80
1ltr milk poly bottle £1.10
2ltr milk poly bottle £1.95
Roddas Clotted Cream    113g £1.15
CathedralCity Mature Cheese   350g £0.50
Stapeltons Low fat yogurt Strawberry 120g £0.50
Stapeltons Low fat yogurt Raspberry  120g £0.50
Stapeltons Low fat yogurt Blackcurrant 12og £0.50
Farmer Bobs Local Free Range Eggs large (6) £1.60
Boundstone Farm Eggs large (6) £1.35
Local Potatoes (Wilja) at market prices  please e-mail or ring for details

Fresh Bakery Goods

Part Baked Baguettes 2 pack £1.29
Croissants 4 pack £1.45
Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells x 6 £1.75
Mr Kipling Lemon Slices x 6 £1.75
Mr Kipling Angel Slices x 6 £1.75
Mr Kipling Bakewell Slices x 6 £1.75
Mr Kipling Mini Battenbergs x 5 £1.75
Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls x 6 £1.75
Kingsmill White Sliced Loaf – thick cut £1.30
Kingsmill White Sliced Loaf – med cut £1.30
Kingsmill Wholemeal Sliced Loaf – thick cut £1.30
Kingsmill Wholemeal Sliced Loaf – med cut £1.30

Other Groceries & Household Essentials

Bonne Mamman Bitter Orange Marmalade 370g £2.49
Bonne Mamman Strawberry Conserve 370g £2.49
Tunnocks Chocolate Teacakes (6) £1.00
Cadburys Milk Chocolate finger biscuits £1.45
Broken Biscuits 1.3kg £3.25
Typhoo 1 cup tea bags (100) £1.00
80 Miles Bags £2.25
240 Miles Tea Bags £5.69
Robinsons No Added Sugar Squash 1ltr Orange £1.49
Robinsons No Added Sugar Squash 1ltr Bl/currant & Apple £1.49
Tarka Devon Water Still 1.5l £0.80
Tarka Devon Water Sparkling 1.5l £0.80
Baco Cling Film (300mmx125m) £1.29
Baco Aluminium Foil (300mmx20m) £1.29
Enliven Moisturising handwash 500ml £1.00
Kitchen Towels (2 Pack) £1.00
Toilet Rolls White (9 pack) £2.49
Family Tissue 125 x 2ply £1.00
Wild Bird Food 3.5kg £5.80