About Us

We are  a family dairy business and we pride ourselves on our friendly and reliable service, providing a doorstep milk delivery to over 600 residential and business customers in the Barnstaple and surrounding areas of North Devon.

Colin  has been delivering milk in North Devon for 25 years.  He is committed to buying quality British milk and supporting British farmers.  As well as supplying milk we deliver dairy products, such as cream, butter, cheese and eggs, as well as other goods such as potatoes, bread, tea and even tin foil.  Where possible we source of products locally.  We have worked really hard to build a good reputation as a dairy delivery service and tailor our service to our customers’ needs.  We offer both a traditional doorstep delivery service and a wholesale/semi-retail delivery service to shops, businesses and nursing homes.

How our dairy business started

In 1988 Colin was working as a butcher in Barnstaple when he heard that the local milkman was selling up.  Colin, never minding early mornings, decided he fancied being his own boss and bought the business.  In 1992 Colin was introduced to Dru by a customer.  He asked her out and on their second date knew she was “the one”, Dru took a bit longer and waited until their 3rd date.  Six weeks later he proposed and they married the following year.  Their daughter, Lottie, was born in 1998.

Colin is responsible for delivering the milk and Dru runs the office.  In 2015 they were joined by Terry, who delivers to Braunton on a Monday and Pilton, Whiddon Valley and Roundswell on a Monday and Thursday.